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Ocean and Earth

Waterproof Packing Cell 30L | Black


Waterproof Packing Cell  30L | Black | Ocean and Earth Waterproof Packing Cell is a waterproof sealed seams, Waterproof sealed seams, Perfect surf Travel Pack, Use in your Surfboard travel cover for packing yourclothes and at the...

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Ocean and Earth

Waterproof Backpack 30L | Black

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Waterproof Backpack  30L | Black | Ocean and Earth Waterproof Backpack is a waterproof sealed seams, perfect surf travel pack, Airtight 3-fold dry seal system, Ultra light weight durable fabric, Stashes away in compact...

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Change Mat | Black | Wetsuit Bag | FCS


Change Mat Bag | Black | FCS | Super convenient, and easy to use, makes getting in and out of your wet gear a lot better by standing on the durable polyester mat. Protect your wetsuit and surfwear from wear n tear, dirt and sand. Once your out of your...

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Ocean and Earth

Wetsuit Dry Pack | Red


Wetsuit Dry Pack 20L | Red | Ocean and Earth Wetsuit Dry Sack is a 20L sack for your wetsuit & wet surf gear. Red translucent colour so you can find the wetsuit dry sack & see what’s in there. Great way to keep your wet / dirty surf gear...

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FCS Wet Bag 35L | Clear


Wet Bag 35L | Clear | FCS FCS large wet bag for your wet surf gear. Clear colour so you can see what’s in there. Keep your wet surf gear separate, perfect for packing your back pack, travel cover or the back of your car...

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Ocean and Earth

Floating Phone Case | Waterproof


Floating Phone Case | Ocean and Earth Ideal for keeping your valuables safe & dry, fits all phone sizes plus keys, bank cards, loose change etc. If you do drop your goods, no stress this case floats. Great for boat trips & any where near the...

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