The Best Time To Upgrade Your Surfboard Fins From Plastic

26th Apr 2020

The Best Time To Upgrade Your Surfboard Fins From Plastic
When to upgrade your surfboard finsFirstly, this isn’t a blatant or brazen attempt to wrestle your hard earned cash out of your paws. Think of it as more a of a public service announcement. A few things need to be said. There is often a time in a surfers' life when things don't seem to be going right, and where progress seems to have come to a grinding halt. Sometimes it's your level of fitness, and at other times it could be as a result of a board that is no longer going well and suited to your
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28th May 2018

Make sure you've got the essentials for your next surf trip. Our list gives you a guide to what our team checks & packs for a trip. Depending on where you are going & the swell forecast will determine what you need. If you're heading to a more remote destination you will need to be self-sufficient & if your going to a more populated location (Bali etc) you can travel lighter & grab any extras if required over there.SURF TRIP CHECKLISTExample Used - 10 Day Surf Trip to Indo Surfb
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Surf Hardware Brands | Find Out More

13th Sep 2017

Brand Descriptions | The Best in Surf HardwareOcean and Earth Ocean and Earth surf accessories was established in 1978 producing a couple of basic surfing products with 3 staff. It slowly grew & eventually took off as more surfers started to use their surf products, quickly realizing Ocean & Earths core surf philosophy matched their surf gear. Like most surf brands the founders are keen surfers, creative & innovative, none more so than Ocean and Earths Brian Cregan. His focusing
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Surfboard Brands | Find Out More

16th Feb 2014

Brand Descriptions | The Best Surfboard BrandsLost Surfboards Lost Surfboards began in 1985 with legendary shaper Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends. The started up ‘team lost’ would spend their time soaking up experience snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding in Upland at the Pipeline and surfing Dana Point. In 1987 Lost Head Shaper Matt Biolos began sanding surfboards fresh out of high school. Adopting the name “Mayhem” (an ode to the second model he shaped) Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos s
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