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Longboard Guide

Getting Started

Volume: Is the amount of area (In liters) inside a surfboard, calculated by its overall length, width & thickness. Volume is becoming increasingly popular & can be found in the buyers chart section for each surfboard model.

Volume is a benefit of computer assisted shaping. Volume used in collaboration with, board type & dimensions will give you a very accurate picture of the boards performance characteristics.

Low Volume Boards: are more sensitive to the riders movements & requires an advance surfers to master. These boards need extra effort to generate speed as they sink deeper in the wave face creating extra drag.

The positive trade off is a highly sensitive rail & more power over the board. There is a fine line between a low volume board & an under volume board.

Draw backs of an under volume board; hard to paddle, unstable & sluggish board speed.

High Volume Boards: are more relaxed & easier to surf. All surfing levels can master a high volume board. They produce more speed without much effort & are very stable. The trade off for these benefits is a reduce performance level.

It’s up to the surfer to decide what style of surfing they prefer & tailor there buying decision accordingly.

Ideal Volume For Long Boarders

Volume is still relevant to Longboarders as it allow the rider to get a better understanding of board design. Longboards in general have a lot more volume compared to short boards & for this reason aren’t as sensitive to small volume variations. However gaining an understanding of your Ideal Volume will make board decisions easier by eliminating boards that are to low or high in volume.

Long boarding consists of many different styles from cruising to performance surfing off the tail.

Developing a good knowledge of what longboard works for you requires experience & a good understanding of board design. Volume is an important part of this process & will help you understand select the right board for you.

Follow the below steps to get a head start to your Ideal Volume.

Calculate your Ideal Volume

Follow the steps below to calculate your ideal volume:

Step 1:

Identify your surfing level, use the graphic below.

Skill Level Graph | Surfboard

Example: Advance + Surfing Level

Step 2:

This Ideal Volume table will assist you with your starting volume. Match your ability level with your weight.

Longboard Buyers Guide (Ideal Volume) ltrs

Weight (Kg) Advance Intermediate
35 & Under 25.75 31.00
40 27.20 33.60
45 28.90 36.10
50 30.50 38.50
55 31.45 40.25
60 32.80 42.40
65 34.70 45.10
70 36.60 47.80
75 38.50 50.50
80 40.40 53.20
85 42.30 55.90
90 44.20 58.60
95 46.10 61.30
100 48.00 64.00
105 49.90 66.70
110 51.80 69.40

Example: 82kg + Advance surfing level = 41 ltrs

Step 3:

Using your Ideal Volume figure from the table, multiple it by the appropriate age Factor.

Age Factor
0 – 30 Add 0% (0.00)
31 – 50 Add 10% (1.10)
51 – 60 Add 20% (1.20)
61+ Add 30% (1.30)

Example: Age under 31.  41 x 0.0 (0%) = 41 ltrs – Ideal Volume stays at 41 ltrs

Step 4:

Using your Ideal Volume Figure, multiple it by the appropriate fitness factor.

Fitness (Averaged out over a month)

Fitness Factor
Excellent – Surfing 4 times per week or other training 4 times per week Add 0% (0.00)
Good – Surfing 3 times per week or other training 3 times per week Add 5% (1.10)
Average – Surfing 2 times per week or other training 2 times per week Add 10% (1.20)
Poor – Surfing 1 times per week or other training 1 times per week Add 30% (1.30)

Example: Fitness Good – 41 x 1.10 = 45.10 ltrs

Step 5:

Use your Ideal Volume figure, multiple it by the Style factor

Style Factor
Mid length Boards Add 0% (0.00)
Performance Surfing Add 30% (1.30)
Balanced Surfing Add 50% (1.50)
Cruising / Traditional Add 70% (1.70)

This final figure can now be converted into a meaningful Ideal Volume Range.

> Mid Length Board Volume Range: Within 10% of your Ideal Volume

> Performance Longboard Volume Range: Within 10% of your Ideal Volume

> Balanced Longboard Volume Range: Within 10% of your Ideal Volume

> Cruising / Traditional Longboard Volume Range: Within 10% of your Ideal Volume

The above volume range is based off what the experienced long boarders are following & the shapers are suggesting. This Ideal Volume range should give you a very accurate starting point to develop a more personalised figure.


> Performance Board Volume Range: 40.59 to 49.61 ltrs  (Starting Volume 45.10 ltrs)

> Performance Longboard Volume Range: 52.77 to 64.49 (Starting Volume 58.63 ltrs)

> Balanced Longboard Volume Range: 60.88 to 74.41 (Starting Volume 67.65 ltrs)

> Cruising / Traditional Longboard Volume Range: 69.00 to 84.33 ltrs  (Starting volume 76.67 ltrs)

Step 6:

Personalising your Ideal Volume

The final Ideal Volume range will give you a great starting point to begin your personal board formula.

Everyone has a different body size (Weight & Height) & surfing ability so using your ideal volume is a great way to build a personal formula for choosing great boards.

Obviously Long boarding is subjective & open to the riders preference.

Your ideal volume can only be judged by yourself & your personal preferences.

Use your Ideal volume in collaboration with Board Type & dimensions for the best results.