DHD Surfboards

Darren Handley's brain & hands grew up on Australia’s Gold Coast, one of the world's most concentrated wave rich regions. A location that fills the world's surf media with images of surf perfection. And no surprise producing some of the world's best surfers & surfboard manufacturers, DHD surfboards.

The highly competitive environment has pushed and continues to push surfers & surf craft. DHD Surfboards has benefited from this & continues the be an industry leader.

Gold Coast’s variety of waves has honed Darren's skills for creating the most high performance & responsive surfboards in the world. 

Not just geared at the elite surfers, DHD's surfboard range offers everyday surfers something to get excited about. Darren's deep of knowledge surfboard design & importantly an approachable connection with everyday surfers has fostered user-friendly surfboard models with performance to progress.

"At nearly 50 years old, I’m still picking up the sander and working in the glass room, hands on. It’s all about the perfect surfboard, and surrounding yourself with the most skilled workers in the industry, to create that ultimate ride". DH

DH has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate high-performance surfboards and continues to set standards for quality and performance.