What's Your Surfing Skill Level

Surfing Skill Level

Identifying your surfing level is a necessary step for choosing the best-suited surfboard model for your needs & will have an enormous impact on your surfing development.

Make sure that particular surfboard model is recommended for your surfing ability & surf better.

Each surfboard model has a certain amount of performance which affects its stability & the user's experience. It's a simple rule the surfboard models with high-performance characteristics will have less stability & vice versa.

Performance is the board's ability to handle & perform critical manoeuvres. Stability is the surfboard's capacity to handle a the surfer's movements & position on the surfboard.

Example: Hi Performance Surfboards are very unstable & require a high level of skill to control.

The ideal situation is where your surfboard has enough performance to push your surfing & enough stability to keep you from falling.

Note: You can find the recommended surfing level for each surfboard model in the description (tab) within the surfboard overview section.

Below is a guide to help you identify your surfing skill level. It's difficult to describe the different levels & is very subjective. Please be honest with your assessment for best results & use the guide to help build your surfboard buying formula. 

Identify your surfing level 

  • Advance + Elite & strong surfers linking multiple, critical manoeuvres with excellent power, speed & control | 80% to 90%+ manoeuvre completion (average) | 9/10 realistic waves you paddle for & catch
  • Advance Surfers linking multiple manoeuvres consistently with good power, speed & control | 70% to 80% manoeuvre completion | 8/10 realistic waves you paddle for & catch.
  • Intermediate / Advance Surfers linking small multiple manoeuvres with less consistently, reasonable power, speed & control | 60% to 70% manoeuvre completion | 7/10 realistic waves you paddle for & catch.
  • Intermediate Progressive surfers competently trimming on the wave face & developing small manoeuvres with limited consistently, power, speed & control | 50% to 60% manoeuvre completion | 6/10 realistic waves you paddle for & catch.
  • Beginner First time & part time surfers performing at a basic level catching white water & small unbroken waves. 


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