Get more value out of your rubber
How to care for your wetsuit & rubber accessories

You can help maximise the natural product life of your wetsuit by:

Rinsing your wetsuit & rubber accessories after each use with fresh, cool water (hot water reduces neoprene flexibility).

Ideally using a product like wetsuit wash every two months (specific wetsuit cleaning product) to help clean & keep the neoprene flexible.

Also using a change mat (or similar) to keep your wetsuit safe & protected from changing on rough surfaces, reducing wear and tear. And easy & practical way to get more out of your wetsuit, saving you in the long run, money & comfort.

Hanging your product to dry inside-out on a plastic or wooden hanger in the shade (sunlight damages neoprene).

Occasionally rinsing your product in non-bleach, mild laundry detergent sudsy water (less stink, more fresh).

Avoiding heating or folding your product (that includes leaving it in a crumpled heap in the back of your car.

Wetsuits should never be ironed or put in a clothes washer or dryer.