NSP Surfboards

NSP Surfboards goes a step beyond the design, technology and manufacturing techniques. When you buy an NSP surfboard, you can be sure that only the best research, development, design, manufacturing and customer support goes into everything they do. Their goal is to ensure your experience with NSP, both on and off the water is the best it can possibly be.

NSP surfboards are made with high-quality materials, epoxy resin & unique sandwich construction, layered to maximize the board's strength, durability & flex. Making NSP Surf range a superior surfboard for all surfing abilities, surfers who want a longer lasting surfboard construction.

The surfboards durability & designs are ideal for beginner & intermediate surfers. NSP boards can take a beating, something that inevitably happens during progressive stages of surfing. Learning to handle your board in & out of the water is a skill that takes time. Hence NSPs ability to handle rougher treatment, maintaining its integrity & therefore a higher resell price (bonus). Allowing you to get more value out of the surfboard with friends and family taking their turn without worry of damage. A great range of surfboard models to get you out there having fun & enjoying the surf.