Liive Vision

Liive Vision starting in Burleigh Heads Australia, founded in 2002 to meet the active lifestyle needs of an active outdoor culture. Inspired by boarders, musicians, artists, and adrenaline junkies. Liive sunglasses are built to the highest quality eyewear without the corporate price tag. Liive sunglasses are purpose built for use around the water, mountains or anywhere an active lifestyle demands the best in UV protection. Liive sunglasses are committed to minimizing glare through maximizing UVA and UVB protection. Liive builds all its sunglasses using the best lense and polarizing technologies available on the planet. All of our frames are carefully designed to maximize fit, feel and individuality in fashion Over 160 ever evolving sunglass shapes, styles and colours Liive sunglasses have a style that suits your lifestyle. Whatever the look you are after, Liive is committed to making the best sunglasses for you. Great price point eyewear for any occasion, protecting your peepers so you can still be active for as long as possible. And if you lose them it doesn't hurt as much.