Softboard 7’0″


Gnaraloo Softshell surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers.

Colour Details: Blue / White Slick | Magento / White Slick | Lime / White Slick
Included: Fins are supplied with Softboards | Thruster fin set safe flexible
Accessory Package: Basic Fish / Mini Mal Package – Click


Gnaraloo Softboards

Gnaraloo Softshell surfboards provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner surfers. These boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.

With an emphasis on safety and durability, Gnaraloo Softshell surfboards feature a thick Polyethylene deck and a soft slick skin on the bottom surface that’s tough enough to take a beating, yet is soft enough to keep beginners safe.

The secret to the performance of these boards lies within the core. An embedded plywood stringer system maintains the integrity of the rocker while providing a stiff, stable platform. This lets you paddle onto waves with minimal effort and feel confident once you’re on your feet.

These surfboards are designed to withstand the toughest of treatment, making them ideal for surf schools. The vacuum construction process eliminates hard or sharp surfaces, and prevents peeling or bubbling. A reinforced tail zone also provides added protection.

Available in a variety of sizes from 9 foot right down to 5’6″ for the super groms. Each board comes fitted with a convenient carry handle, traction pad, and an easy-to-use fin system complete with flexible thruster fin set.

Your initiation into the world of surfing starts with a Gnaraloo Softshell surfboard.

What size should I ride
Weight Intermediate Beginner
Kg Volume Volume
35 to 45 19.00 – 24.10 25.90 – 32.40
45 to 55 24.10 – 28.25 32.40 – 37.95
55 to 65 28.25 – 33.10 37.95 – 44.20
65 to 75 33.10 – 38.50 44.20 – 51.00
75 to 85 38.50 – 43.90 51.00 – 57.80
85 to 95 43.90 – 49.30 57.80 – 64.60
95 to 105 49.30 – 54.70 64.60 – 71.40
105 to 115 54.70 – 69.20 71.40 – 78.90

What Size Should I Ride?

This board suits multiple surfing levels. Please follow the My first surfboard help for a specific guide on volume. Match the recommended length (if valid) with your Ideal volume to get the best results. Start to developing your personal board formula.

Everyone has a different body size (Weight & Height) & surfing ability so using your ideal volume is a great way to build a personal formula for choosing great boards. Your ideal volume can only be judged by yourself (Or Coach) & your personal preferences.

The tools & guides on our website will short cut you to within a couple of litres of your ideal volume. Make sure you are honest with your self assessment.

Easy to Surf Surfboards
Surfboard Type Breakdown

Soft Surfboards: Provide the ultimate in fun and safety for beginner to intermediate surfers of all ages. These boards are incredibly buoyant, stable, easy to ride & great for building confidence in the water.

Mini Mal: This design has become very popular due to it’s versatility, offering an enjoyable ride in most wave conditions & suitable for all surfing levels. Mini Mals are cut down longboards generally 7’0 to 8’6 in length (longboards are classified as over 9 foot in length). This makes the Mini Mal very user friendly & functional for beginners to experienced surfers.

Good paddle power to get your wave count up; Nice & stable so you can get to your feet with ease; Enough performance to push & develop your skills.

No matter what your ability these boards are a lot of fun in small to medium wave conditions.

Fun Boards: This board type is a mix between a Fish/Grovel board & a Mini Mal. Fun Boards are really versatile, offering an enjoyable ride for all surfing levels in a range of wave conditions. Generally shorter in length with less nose & tail area compared to Mini Mals. The refined design creates more manoeuvrability for the rider & an easier board to manage in the water.

Light weight beginners will enjoy the boards user friendly nature & more manageable qualities. Advance surfers will enjoy the ability to catch waves with ease & still have some performance to push there surfing in small wave conditions.

What’s the difference: Softboards / Mini Mals / Fun boards – These three board types are very user friendly & suitable for beginners to advance surfers, you can’t go wrong. Pick the most suitable from above.

Surfboard Ideal Wave Size | Easy to Surf Surboards


Surfboard Shipping
Surfboard | Shipping Details

  • FREE Shipping | All boards under 6’10”
  • $30 extra Freight | 7’0” to 8’0”
  • $50 extra Freight | 8’1” to 9’6”
  • $90 extra Freight | 9’8” to 11”

Surfboard are packaged extra carefully to ensure safe arrival, using Australia best freight couriers, depending on your location.

Note: All surfboard are shipped using Normal post – No express service available

Please note: Some location (see map) incur an extra fee – this fee is just passing on the amount over the freight free threshold. Please inquiry if unsure

FREE Shipping Insurance: We provide every customer with FREE surfboard shipping insurance so you don’t have to worry about anything. Shop with confidence, we cover & sort out any issues for you. All surfboard orders are packaged very carefully & use the most trusted freight carriers. We understand the importance of your surfboard arriving safely.