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DX1 JF | Round Tail


The DX1 JF is our number one selling shortboard, it caters for all conditions for the average to the advanced surfer, smooth round tail version.

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Note: Fins not supplied, use promo deal for a good set.

DHD Surfboards | DX1 JF

The DX1 JF is our number one selling shortboard, it caters for all conditions for the average to the advanced surfer. This model runs a single concave all the way through that gets quiet deep through the belly into the tail with a smooth plan shape combined with a smooth rocker and a tight super squash tail.

Rocker Entry: Full Flat | Exit: Medium
Rails Medium
Tail Shape Squash
Concave Single
Fin Setup Thruster Fin Setup
What size should I ride
Weight Advance Intermediate Beginner
Kg Volume Volume Volume
35 to 45 15.05 – 18.00 16.80 – 20.70 21.00 – 26.10
45 to 55 18.00 – 19.80 20.70 – 23.65 26.10 – 30.25
55 to 65 19.80 – 22.75 23.65 – 27.30 30.25 – 35.10
65 to 75 22.75 – 26.25 27.30 – 31.50 35.10 – 40.50
75 to 85 26.25 – 29.75 31.50 – 35.70 40.50 – 45.90
85 to 95 29.75 to 33.25 35.70 – 39.90 45.90 – 51.30
95 to 105 33.25 – 36.75 39.90 – 44.10 51.30 – 56.70
105 to 115 35.75 – 40.50 44.10 – 48.20 56.70 – 62.90
Full Details Click Here Ideal Volume Guide

What Size Should I Ride?

This board suits multiple surfing levels. Please follow the Ideal Shortboard Volume Table for a specific guide on volume. Match the recommended length (if valid) with your Ideal volume to get the best results. Start to developing your personal board formula.

Everyone has a different body size (Weight & Height) & surfing ability so using your ideal volume is a great way to build a personal formula for choosing great boards. Your ideal volume can only be judged by yourself (Or Coach) & your personal preferences.

The tools & guides on our website will short cut you to within a couple of litres of your ideal volume. Make sure you are honest with your self assessment.

Friendly Hi Performance
Friendly Hi Performance | Ideal 3ft to 7ft | Shortboards

Forgiving Hi Performance: More foam than your usually Hi Performance model, allowing a larger range of surfers to enjoy. This board still requires high quality wave conditions to perform at its best.

A mix of speed, control & release make this type of board very exciting to ride & will let you push your surfing are far as you want.

When the ideal wave conditions come together these boards will take your surfing to the next level.

Surfboard Shipping
Surfboard | Shipping Details

  • FREE Shipping | All boards under 6€™10€
  • $30 extra Freight | 7€™0€ to 8€™0€
  • $50 extra Freight | 8€™1€ to 9€™6€
  • $90 extra Freight | 9€™8€ to 11€

Surfboard are packaged extra carefully to ensure safe arrival, using Australia best freight couriers, depending on your location.

Note: All surfboard are shipped using Normal post €“ No express service available

Please note: Some location (see map) incur an extra fee €“ this fee is just passing on the amount over the freight free threshold. Please inquiry if unsure

FREE Shipping Insurance: We provide every customer with FREE surfboard shipping insurance so you don€™t have to worry about anything. Shop with confidence, we cover & sort out any issues for you. All surfboard orders are packaged very carefully & use the most trusted freight carriers. We understand the importance of your surfboard arriving safely.