OTIS Sunglasses

Otis sunglasses are the best premium quality sunglasses on the market, they use premium materials & most notably mineral glass lenses. What does this means, Otis sunglasses are durable & practical for active outdoor people. Otis sunnies can handle being dropped, put in your sandy pocket or car seat & the lenses will be scratch free. No need to worry about your new sunnies being damaged from some minor incident.

The sunglasses are carefully weighted with premium materials, feel solid, hold their shape & will last a lot longer than other eyewear brands using layered plastics (pretty much all of them). The mineral glass lenses are distortion free, scratch resistant (you can't grind them on the road!) & give you more natural vision. Otis sunglasses are the choice for people that care about their eyeballs & what they're paying for. Otis Eyewear gives you the confidence you have the toughest sunnies, that will last.

Otis Eyewear sunglasses are premium, modern, stylish & durable sunglasses. Choose from their stylish range for both men & women. If you can't see your style let me know & I will get it in and look after you for taking the time & shopping with us.