Gath Helmets

Gath Sports have been designing & refining the Gath Helmet since the beginning of time, distributing all over the world. Their experience & knowledge has created a range of superior quality surf helmets that will give you confidence you have the right product. A very important surf accessory that gets overlooked all too often, the protection of your most vital organ the main frame is surely worth it. Whether the issue for not wearing a Gath Helmet is the joy of surfing with as little as possible or conforming to fashion, sometimes it's necessary to be practical. Some practical reasons why you should wear a Gath Helmet: Surfing heavy shallow waves, Head injuries, Confidence building, Remote solo surfing, just in case & sometimes the lineup warrants one for the outta control mini mal heading straight for your skull. Gath helmets are lightweight, tough & comfortable. The surf convertible model being the staple & choice for surfing. Market leaders for a reason & if your going to protect your head a Gath helmet is the product.