Dakine got its start in Hawaii the home of surfing on Maui's North Shore back in 1979. Rob Kaplan the founder was a surfer who loved designing & building surf gear.

Dakine's philosophy, get out in the water yourself, live it, Build it. Test it, Improve it. Then do it all over again next season.

If you want to make surf accessories people love, you’ve got to love making it. Every day, people around the world get to step out of the daily grind and paddle out into the surf. We are the lucky few who help make that happen. It’s easy to love a job like that. But that doesn’t mean the job is always easy.

Days at Dakine are a lot like days on the mountain or in the water. Sometimes they’re challenging. Mostly pretty gratifying. And though you might end up with a head full of saltwater once in a while, when you look back over your time here, you’ll realize those were the times you were moving the fastest.