Chilli Surfboards

Jamie Cheal the founding owner of Chilli Surfboards, starting his passion for surfing at Greenmount on the Gold Coast at the age of 13 and he’s been surfing most days since.

Cheal moved to Sydney and started working at a surfboard factory sanding boards and sweeping the floor of its shaping bays for a buck. At aged 22 (1995), Chilli shaped his first board. When he eventually took his creation to water he was more than a little surprised… it actually worked! “It was a total fluke” He laughs. “I shaped about 20 more after that first one and they all went like wet towels.

Two years on Chilli Surfboards was born in a small factory in Brookvale, 10 minutes drive from North Narrabeen. Back then Chilli made one board per week and to keep money coming in he also finished boards for other surfboard brands.

These days Chilli Surfboards operates out of a factory in Warriewood – a little closer to those perfect Narrabeen waves – and has established a reputation for extraordinary quality control and unparalleled customer service.